Contracts of Employment


Within 8 weeks of starting work all employees must be issued with a ‘Statement of Terms’ which sets out the main terms and conditions relating to the employment. Most people refer to the statement as the contract of employment. Whilst the statement details many of the terms of the contract, other documents, such as letters detailing any increase in salary or holiday entitlement,  also form part of the contract.

Most contracts are fairly simple, however, you must ensure that before you sign a contract you have read and understood the document you are signing. If there is something you do not understand ask the company to explain it to you.

Some employment contracts can be complex and may include mobility clauses or restraint of trade clauses. If there is a mobility clause in your contract you may be required to work elsewhere. If there are restraint clauses you may be precluded from working for certain companies for a period of time after you leave. Therefore you must gain a clear understanding of any complex terms which could have serious long-term implications before you sign the document.

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