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A good employee handbook has always been a useful HR tool. However, recently, it has assumed a more significant role in effective employment relations.

A handbook provides certainty so that employers and employees know what is expected and is an ideal place to outline day-to-day policies including timekeeping, overtime, payroll information, health and safety, dress codes, alcohol and drug policies, computer use and e-mail monitoring.

The handbook is also a sensible place to outline intolerance of harassment or any form of unlawful discrimination.  Individuals may sometimes be unclear about what constitutes harassment and the handbook is a good place to clearly explain this.

It is now mandatory to provide employees with details of your company disciplinary and grievance procedures and, again, the handbook is an ideal place to do this.  Policies such as attendance monitoring or whistle blowing can also be included.

Generally the contents of a handbook are very straightforward and will include the following:

  • Introduction to the Company
  • Appointment, Pay and Working Hours
  • Employment Practices
  • Sickness and Absence Policy
  • Holiday Entitlement and Other Leave
  • Family Policies
  • Pensions
  • Data Protection
  • Health and Safety
  • Email and Internet Monitoring
  • Grievance Procedure
  • Disciplinary Procedure

We draft handbooks which are designed to meet the specific needs of a business.  For some businesses, particular attention may need to be placed on dress codes and personal appearances whereas in others the focus may be on confidentiality or health and safety. 

Handbooks written by Emplex are written in clear simple English. They are designed to be understood.  Emplex recommends that time should be given to employees to read their handbook and to raise any questions they may have. It is also recommended that employers require their employees to sign to confirm that they have read and understood the handbook and accept it as part of their contract of employment.

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