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Emplex, based in Datchet, Berkshire, provides employment law advice to local businesses and private clients at competitive rates.                                                  Our team of highly qualified lawyers specialise in all aspects of employment law issues including:

Contracts of Employment

The employment contract is the cornerstone of the employment relationship. It has to meet certain legal minimums and is generally linked to a company handbook. Getting this right at the start and understanding the implications is critical to an effective working relationship.

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Settlement Agreements

When an employment relationship is coming to an end a Settlement Agreement is often an effective way of ensuring a clean and fair conclusion . Ensuring this document is legal and protects the interests of the employer is vital, as is the need for employees signing such an agreement to take legal advice as to the implications.

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Dismissing an employee is often a legal as well as an emotional minefield. Emplex can provide guidance and advice as to how this can be done correctly as well as advising individuals of their options if they face dismissal or if their employment has been terminated.

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In continuing uncertain economic times redundancy is all too common. Employers must operate a fair process including consultation and fair selection to avoid challenge from employees. For employees facing redundancy understanding your rights is important in ensuring you are treated fairly.

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Unlawful Discrimination

The law in relation to discrimination has expanded greatly in recent years.. Whether you are an employer or employee understanding what is discrimination, whether age, disability, race, sex etc is important, as is what to do if you believe you are being discriminated against or being accused of discrimination.

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Tribunal Representation

Whether you are presenting or defending a claim at Tribunal the process can be daunting. Emplex can provide clear guidance, support and cost effective representation in presenting or defending a claim. The aim always is to resolve the process without recourse to a full hearing.

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Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures

Clear straightforward legally compliant and effectively used processes can resolve may disciplinary and grievance issues in a straight forward manner. Emplex supports both businesses and individuals in effectively designing and using these processes.

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TUPE Transfers

When a business is sold or taken over the law protects the rights of the affected employees. Advice to employers as to what to do and how to do it and an explanation of the rights of individuals in these circumstances is an area of expertise for Emplex.

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Workplace Mediation

Resolving issues without recourse to the tribunals is clearly a speedier and cost effective solution for all concerned . Emplex can facilitate solutions where both sides are willing to engage in a process of mediation.

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